Gorgeous Bete Noire jewellery

I’d seen loads of people wearing Bete Noire necklaces before, and was really impressed, so I got in contact with them to do a custom design.

I wanted something fairly simple, just my username and a symbol of being a spoonie.

They were fantastic to talk to about it, and it felt like a long wait (it wasn’t) until I got to see my new necklace!




So here it is, as you can see I went for black and.. more black. Of course I did. I love the black glitter they’ve used, it’s a beautiful texture, sets of the silver spoon beautifully.


The necklace itself is well made, feels well made and done to a beautiful finish. The chain itself feels nice and strong, which is especially useful with two small children who love grabbing it for a closer look.

It’s also a lovely size, I like my necklaces quite bold, not one for dainty, and this is wonderful without being oversized. The chain is also fairly short, so it sits nicely on my chest without vanishing into my cleavage – always a plus.

It was only £16 too, which is an absolute steal!



I also opted for a simple keyring with my childrens initials on it, I love the bright colour of this, and, like the necklace, it feels high quality.



I highly recommend Bete Noire, and I’m already planning my next purchase. Suspect I’ll be collecting these!

  • They look amazing and it’s such a good idea to have the spoon in there. I love the smooth finish on one heart and the glitter finish on the other one. It’s stunning.

    • It’s one of my favourite items, I now have to make an effort not to wear it in every outfit picture, it’ll look like I own no other jewellery 😀

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